Bug Tub Seafood Kitchen™ was created by a couple of passionate crawfish lovers in 2016 and is located in Fort Worth, TX.  Our food is prepared with the highest quality Cajun style with a unique Texas gourmet experience, we like to call that "Texa-cajun".  Our professional staff will personally prepare your meal to your liking and even show you how to eat it if needed, while providing you a slew of entertainment options.  We use fine ingredients and traditional methods to produce exceptional entrees.  If we can catch it, we can cook it!  Outside events are our specialty as well.  Bring this magical flavor to your work place and private event.  Book your next event or party today and prepare yourself for great food and a fun, bayou bash!  Additionally, we do sell live crawfish with 2-3 lead time and prepayment.  3% convenience fee added for orders placed with credit card. 


Our Story

Delicious boiled goodness